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Friday June 1st our 1st Year Anniversary!!!

Friday 13th Specials Tongue Piercings, Nipples, Nose and More https://phoebustattoos.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/piercing-specials.jpg

Friday June 1st Piercing:

Come join us as Phoebus Tattoos and Piercings celebrates there first year in business. We have just set up our piercing studio room last month. We will be offering $20 dollar piercings on Friday the 1st for the following.

  • Eyebrow Piercings $20
  • Tongue Oral Piercing $20
  • Belly Button Piercing $20
  • Nose Piercing $20
  • Cartilage (Helix) $20
  • Conch Ears Piercings $20
  • Nipples 2 x $20 = $40
June 1st Piercing Specials Tongue Piercings, Nipples, Nose and More https://i1.wp.com/phoebustattoos.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/piercing-specials.jpg?resize=1200%2C800&ssl=1
Piercing Specials

Doors Opens at 1pm to 10pm Friday 6/1/2018. Food and Tattoo Deals as well.If you would like to contact the shop to speak to someone directly please call 727-289-8077. Phoebus Tattoo Studio. Any other questions please email usĀ phoebustattoos@gmail.com. Be sure to check our a Piercing page.