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Friday 13th Piercings July

Friday 13th Piercings

Friday 13th Piercings

Phoebus Tattoos and Piercings we will be focusing mainly on Piercing specials for Friday 13th of July. We will be offering $13 + a 7 dollar good luck tip. First come First Serve all approve  No appointments.. Piercings will be Nostril, Nipples, Belly Button, Ear Lobes, Basic Helix, Conch, Eyebrow, and Tongue

Friday 13th Specials Tongue Piercings, Nipples, Nose and More https://phoebustattoos.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/piercing-specials.jpg
Friday 13th July Piercing Specials

Doors Opens at 12pm to 10pm Friday 7/13/2018. If you would like to contact the shop to speak to someone directly please call 727-289-8077. Phoebus Tattoo Studio.  10710 Gandy Blvd N. St. Petersburg, FL. 33702. Any other questions please email us phoebustattoos@gmail.com. Be sure to check our a Piercing page.

Friday 13th Tattoos

Tattoos start at $20 and up to $40

Friday 13th Tattoos
Friday 13th Tattoos