Friday 13th Tattoos Only!!

Friday 13th Tattoos September 2019

Friday 13th Tattoos 2019

Friday 13th 9/13/2019
Tattoos only!!  Starting 2pm – 9pm.
No Piercings!!

-Friday the 13th is a fun, traditional tattoo “holiday”

$20 = line work / smaller tattoos
$40 = colored / bigger tattoos
**artist tip is included in these prices**
-First come, first served; walk-ins only

-Only designs from our artist flash sheets

-NO custom designs

-MUST have legal photo ID (License or Passport)

-No MINORS, 18+ only

-Prices are subject to change depending on placement, size, and additional colors. (Artist discretion)

-Customers paying full price for tattoos will be taken before $20 tattoos.

-It is the sole discretion of the tattoo artist to provide or deny service to you.

-All customers for $20 tattoos must be on the waiting list.

-Complaining or disagreeing with the rules will result in automatic disqualification and removal from the premises.

-If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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