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Custom tattoo designs and ideas Consult tattoo artist

Tattoo Consulation

In order to start a big project, such as an arm sleeve, or a large tattoo that takes time to plan and hours of the artist’s work. You can contact us and send your references, such as photos, and your ideas or stop by. We will then discuss the project in depth. Since this involves time and commitment, a deposit is needed to start the planning process which goes towards your tattoo price. At the end of the planning session, you will have a idea how long the project will take, and how much it could cost. Depending on the custom project the deposit is $50.00 to $100.00. To schedule a tattoo consulation you can fill out the form below. If you want to come in to consult or you can call us during business hours:

Tattoo Consultation

Contact us by filling in this form. Please leave a brief description of a tattoo and select the artist and we will get back to you as soon as possible:
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How much is your minimum for a tattoo? Starting at $60.00. Custom tattoos by the hour will be discussed by the project.

Can you draw this for me not getting this tattoo today? A deposit is required so the artist time is not wasted.

Does it hurt? Ofcourse it does there is a needle going into your skin. Depending where you choose your first area can also be a factor. More annoying than anything. I see more people freak themselves out but once it is done that is it! Wow that was not to bad at all.

Do you tattoo fingers? Fingers are a hit and miss. You are constantly using your hands every day. Touch ups are most likely to end up happening. I prefer you put them in a better area. Also the side of finger I will not tattoo anymore. Must be on the top of the finger.

Do you tattoo Another Tattooer’s design? NO

Do you tattoo faces? NO

Do you tattoo white tattoos? NO

Please cheak out the Tattoos page to get some ideas for your tattoo project.

Consultation Artist
Artist: Fred Nitzman
Artist: Grizzle

Consultation Piercings
Piercer: Travis

Any questions or to be consultanted by our Professional Piercer. Intimate piercings and other information needed for procedures. Contact Travis or Call us during business hours to find out what type of  body jewelry used, pricing aftercare, and healing time.

Why Tattoos?
You might as well ask Why Art?  Art has been a manifestation of what it means to be a human being long before there was written language.  Paleolithic men covered the walls of their caves with artwork, some quite beautiful.   Art continues to important to us for it gives us empathy, and a way to expereience human feelings, thoughts and concerns in a way not otherwise possible.
Why Art?

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