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Female Piercer Kaeo

Piercings by Kaeo

Piercings 🙂 Kaeo..
Text Kaeo for piercing and tattoo availability @ 727-992-4960
Experience: +2
Female Piercer and Tattoos
Website: kaeothecharacter.com

Instagram: @kaeothecharacter
Email: kaeothecharacter@gmail.com

Kaeo has been in the tattoo/piercing industry for a few years now. She has experience from three tattoo shops in the St. Petersburg, Tampa Bay area. She is known for providing excellent customer service that goes above and beyond. Her positive attitude, gentle nature, and attention to detail has earned her a following. For clean, professional piercings that last, she is your girl. Kaeo is now taking new clients and walk ins.

Offering all piercings including but not excluding lips, tongues, nostrils, eyebrows, septums, daiths, rooks, genital, dermals, belly buttons, bridge, cartilages, medusa, monroe, ashley, vertical labrets, industrial, conch, snake bites, angel bites, tragus, anti-tragus, snug, flat, dahlia, nipples, etc.

Kaeo is well versed in anatomoy; having a phlebotomy certification, healthcare experience with multiple certifications, bloodborne and piercing certified by the state of Florida, and extensive hands on training in the art of piercing from multiple professionals. She will not do a piercing you do not have the anatomy for. We at Phoebus Tattoo strive to hire professionals that will pierce you if it is good for you and your body, not just to make a quick dollar.

Also offering Henna Tattoos, Caricature Cartoons, Custom Tattoo Designs, Watercolor Tattoo Flash, Prints, Stickers, and Temporary Tattoos. Call, Text, or Walk in for all your artistic needs.

LGBT+ friendly. All races, religions, and sexes accepted and welcomed over here.

Phoebus Tattoos
Tattoo Appointments and Walk In Piercings
Are Welcome
Please call ahead,  or message and so on for availability
Shop Phone call or text: 727-666-1329
Text Cell for Photos or tattoo related information..
Email for Tattoos only: phoebustattoos@gmail.com
Appointments Preferred for larger scale Tattoos Thank you.

Address: 10710 Gandy Blvd N, ST Petersburg FL 33702.
Phoebus Tattoos Studio is located on Gandy Boulevard behind Victory Carwash in San Martin Village  (U.S. 92).
West of the Gandy Bridge and MacDill Air Force Base, and east of Derby Lane in Saint Pete, FL.
Tattoo aftercare and piercing products sold in the store front at Phoebus Studio.
For more information on the area and in depth location please click the Map page.

Studio Hours:

  • Monday – Closed
  • Tuesday – Closed
  • Wednesday – 12pm – 9pm
  • Thursday – 12pm -9pm
  • Friday – 12pm -9pm
  • Saturday – 12pm – 9pm
  • Sunday – 12pm – 6pm
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